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       Latin American Import/Wholesale/Retail   

We are based in Sydney, Australia. 

 0408 969 777 or 0427 100 378

The Toucan Shop's hammocks are made by artisans in Latin America.

These hammocks have conquered their niche in the international market due to their  grace, style and incredible comfort. 

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All of The Toucan Shop's products are handmade and sourced directly from fair trade artisans in Latin America. We pride ourselves in supporting these small groups of artisans and their traditional cultures. 

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 Our quality control is always to the highest degree !

 We have more hammocks and products in stock than seen on our website.

So please do not hesitate to ring or sms us on

anne 0408 969 777

marvin 0427 100 378 

 if you desire a special colour or design hammock or another Latin American product

we can probably get it for you!!!!!

We also specialize in embroidered dresses, Frida Kahlo and Otomi textiles from Mexico,

Panama hats, huipile bags and textiles from Guatemala,

and wood jewellery and leather from Costa Rica.


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GRACIAS and as we say in Costa Rica

    PURA VIDA ! 

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